awars.jpg - 203454 Bytes   After complete dismantling including most of the chassis, rust, fungi and other non wireless like impedimenta was removed, it looked as though it may become a working, good looking radio again
awachok.jpg - 203454 Bytes The electronic repair required replacement of many resistors and capacitors etc.
awaok.jpg - 203454 Bytes After about 2 weeks work removing the old white paint, gluing the delaminated ply back together, filling damaged sections of the cabinet, fine sand down and spray with clear polyurethane transformed the cabinet.
The biggest worry was the reflex IF stage. This model was the 1st AWA set to use reflexing much to the chagrin of many servicemen over the years. If the gain of the IF stage was insufficient and the AGC not working there was insufficient bias on the valve causing clipping of the IF envelope (detection) this caused the audio generated to bypass the volume control) so it became impossible to turn down the volume to a low level. In this instance the IF coils were OK as after replacing the valve this proved to be no problem. It is now an excellent performer notwithstanding its years of  neglect.
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